HR Strategy - have you got your People plan in place?

You have a Business Plan, right?

Do you have a specific People Plan?

If you said no, then this is how we can help. Understanding your business means understanding your people and what skills / structure you need.

Start with the end in mind!

#HRTips - questions to consider

What people will I need?

What will this structure look like?

What skills will my employees need?

Will I continue to support #remotework?

How can I manage people remotely?

Will I need a HR Information System to do this?

East Midlands HR can support you with professional tools to create your own Strategy House.

We help you create up to 5 pillars which will be your foundation to support your Business Vision & Plans.

It is really important during Covid-19 as the world of work is changing, which means your people functions are going to change also.

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